Thoughts on Marmite

One of the few things I really knew about British cuisine prior to my arrival here is that Marmite is a source of controversy – people seem to either love it or absolutely hate it. So I knew I had to try it for myself at some point when I was here to see which camp I’d fall into.

Today, almost exactly one month after my arrival, I finally picked up a cheddar and Marmite panini for lunch at a café on campus. Continue reading “Thoughts on Marmite”

Brunching at Cafe Coho

As someone who spends most of the year in the New York area and fully intends to move to DC after graduation, I’m kind of obligated to be obsessed with brunch. This is totally fine with me. Much like my lady hero Leslie Knope, I love breakfast food. And I’m addicted to coffee. And I also don’t mind day drinking. Brunch is a magical combination of all of the above.

Full disclosure: today’s brunch wasn’t so much a proper brunch as me getting into town later than expected and ordering from the breakfast menu at one of my favorite cafes at noon. As such, mimosas were not in the picture. But I think it still counts. Continue reading “Brunching at Cafe Coho”

Happy Pancake Day!

Growing up Catholic (attending a Catholic elementary school with the plaid skirts and everything – the whole deal), the Lenten season was a reasonably big deal and got a decent amount of attention. So imagine my surprise when I move to the UK and all of a sudden there’s this pre-Ash Wednesday Pancake Day thing that I’d never heard of. My religious education seems to have been woefully incomplete.

To be fair, I thought we had the Lent stuff pretty well-covered with Fat Tuesday, but then, what’s the fun in celebrating by overeating? I can do that any day of the year. A day when it’s acceptable to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner? That’s a little more special. Continue reading “Happy Pancake Day!”