Happy Totally Normal, Insignificant Sunday!

I haven’t heard a single person talk about the Super Bowl in the last three weeks and that might be one of my top ten favorite things about this country. It took me five years of high school marching band before I even started figuring out how football works, and even if I did care about it, my family is a Steelers family. Plus, I don’t really care about Beyonce. The only thing I’m missing out on is the Puppy Bowl.

Oh, just kidding. Animal Planet is live streaming the Puppy Bowl. God bless.

Someone send me the best blog post about the best commercials tomorrow, especially if any of them involve Betty White. In the meantime, I’ll be continuing my Doctor Who and 30 Rock marathons and staring out my window at a different sort of football stadium.

Blogging is still a thing, right?

So. As of about two weeks ago, I live in southern England.

I don’t have a driver’s license and I still can’t figure out how to use a can opener, but authority figures including but not limited to administrators at two reasonably well-regarded universities, the UK Border Agency, and my parents decided I was good to get on a plane and move to a different country for five months.

And shockingly, aside from a nasty first day involving a lesson that airsickness is indeed a thing… it’s gone smoothly so far. I’ve yet to be hit by a truck (lorry?) driving on the wrong opposite side of the road. I’ve yet to even get lost. And I’ve had enough bizarre/awesome/memorable experiences in two weeks that I figured I might as well start to blog about them. I’m calling this Intentionally Untitled because I have no idea what to expect of the next few months and because this title sort of leaves me free to focus on subjects other than travel when I get home in June and also because I already owned the domain name because of reasons.

The last time I really blogged regularly was when I was 16 and a few thousand people inexplicably wanted to read about my poorly developed political opinions. You could certainly say I’m out of practice, as demonstrated by this fragmented, semi-coherent intro post. So we’ll see where this goes.