Fun with British Politics

One of the items on my study abroad bucket list was to deepen my understanding of the UK political system by getting involved with a campaign or political group here. This started to look like a possibility when, a week and a half ago, I ran into someone from the Liberal Democrats student group on campus – he was selling chocolate cake (obviously, this signaled that they’re good people) to help defray the costs of a trip to Parliament they were taking. I bought some (extremely tasty) cake, got myself invited on the Parliament trip (which was incredible), went to a couple of meetings at a local pub, and now I’ve spent a day campaigning for the Liberal Democrat candidate in the contentious Eastleigh by-election.

In case you’re starting to worry: No, I’m not planning on doing a bunch of political blogging here. I have plenty of other platforms for my word vomit about politics. But the experience of participating in a campaign in a foreign country was definitely interesting. Continue reading “Fun with British Politics”