How to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Flights

I get asked pretty frequently how I manage to travel as much as I do. Fair question, given that I’m 23 and live in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. and, like, am definitely not making a six-figure salary. A lot of it is good fortune (cheap rent, no crippling student loan burden). But a lot more of it has to do with my luck in finding great flight deals.

Lately, I’ve been spotting most of those deals on Scott’s Cheap Flights List. A friend turned me onto it a couple of months ago and it is magical. A few weeks ago, I booked a mistake fare on TAP from Newark to Heathrow for $290.45 for my trip to Europe in November. One more time for the folks in the back: I’m flying across the Atlantic Ocean for TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY DOLLARS.

Since subscribing, I’ve gotten email blasts about round-trip flights from the East Coast to Australia for less than $500, to Istanbul for less than $200, to the Maldives for less than $600, and more. It is well and truly bonkers.

The list has a free tier and a premium tier ($29/year). Extra-great fares are premium-only (I bit the bullet and signed up for premium after missing an under-$400 fare to Australia), but I snagged that $290 London flight while I was still on the free list, so you’re guaranteed some incredible deals either way.

There are tons of flight deal resources out there (and I think I’m subscribed to just about all of them), but this one is probably the best I’ve used. And now is the best time to check it out: Subscribe by May 8 and you’ll be entered to win two free round-trip flights to a destination of your choice in Europe, Latin America, Hawaii, or the Caribbean.

Full disclosure: If you click that link and enter to win the free flights, I get extra entries to the sweepstakes for referring you. But that’s all I get. And you’ll get some bananas flight deals. So. Win-win.


6 thoughts on “How to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Flights

  1. regikaza

    Sign me up! I’ve never heard of this site. I usually use Sky Scanner or Hopper to find cheap flights but it’s great to learn about a new outlet!

    • Rachel

      Highly recommend it! I love Skyscanner and Hopper when I have specific dates in mind, but this site is incredible when there’s a bit of flexibility.

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