25 Minutes in Brooklyn

My best defense against people who accuse me of being a huge hipster d-bag is the fact that I’ve spent all of maybe four of the 187,564 hours I’ve been alive (yes, I did just look that up specifically for this purpose) in Brooklyn. I’m a plebe who just likes wandering around the Met and tracking down Wafels & Dinges and stuff when I go into the city. But last Friday I was feeling at least sort of adventurous and ventured to Brooklyn for a few minutes by way of the Brooklyn Bridge. This sounds super corny until you find out that although I’m a lifelong resident of New York State and a three-year temporary occupant of the tri-state area, that was my first time crossing that bridge.

Maybe it’s still super corny.

Who am I kidding, it was totally corny, but it also lived up to the massive hype, and it got one more thing on my senior year bucket list accomplished.

My triumphant post-crossing photo in Brooklyn Bridge Park would so be my prof pic if I didn’t have a photo with the President of the United States permanently occupying that spot.

We crossed from Manhattan into Brooklyn in the late afternoon and then chatted in Brooklyn Bridge Park for a bit, heading back when we realized the sunset was probably about to become incredible.

The sunset did get pretty excellent, so our total lack of planning or strategy worked out splendidly. It was a gorgeous backdrop for the Statue of Liberty.

Aside from the sunset, we were treated to a pretty nice moonrise over the Manhattan Bridge.

Nicole, who came with me on this epic adventure, was a godsend given that she’d already traversed the bridge and explored its namesake park in Brooklyn a few times before… even though she’s from Australia and has been living here for all of a month and a half. I’ve clearly been slacking.

This was the first in what I’m hoping will become a series about my attempts to actually go places and do things during my senior year of college. I’ve already crossed a couple of the other items off of my bucket list, so we’re off to a bit of an uneven start, but maybe I’ll write about those later.


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