Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sadly, I’m still in England rather than celebrating in Ireland as I’d hoped (seeing as it would have cost more to spend a weekend in Dublin for St. Patrick’s than it will for me to spend five days in Dublin and Cork next month, I think I made the right call), but I did manage to celebrate a bit!

St. Patrick’s Day attire: a green dress from my days as an Armani Exchange sales associate, my favorite J.Crew cardi to make said dress more appropriate for chilly Brighton weather (rather than the balmy DC summer for which it was purchased), and idiot hipster frames because I’m the worst.

In addition to wearing the green dress above, I added some metaphorical green to my day by spending the afternoon at Brighton VegFest – more about that experience tomorrow. I had all sorts of great vegetarian and vegan food there, but I made sure to make it festive by picking up a vegan Irish Cream cupcake and some veg-friendly beer.

Bailey’s latte at Fortune of War.

After VegFest and a long walk from Hove back toward Brighton along the seashore, my friend and I stopped in to Fortune of War to warm up, and I capped off the afternoon with a delicious Bailey’s latte. Last year, my then-roommate and I spent the unseasonably warm St. Patrick’s Day at West Meadow Beach with a travel mug of coffee and Bailey’s, so it seemed apropos to continue the beach-and-Bailey’s tradition here in Brighton. Fortune of War is definitely the best place I’ve stumbled upon along the beach to grab a Bailey’s latte – one of the other pubs charged me £5.50, but this place only charges £3.25 and the tables by the windows upstairs have a great view of the sea.

Hope everyone else had a good St. Patrick’s Day!


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