Lunch at Marwood

After a few days of word vomiting about Poland, it’s time to get back to my comfort zone: posts about the delicious food (and, occasionally, things to do that aren’t food-related) in Brighton. I’ve posted about some of my favorite cafes, but somehow I haven’t mentioned Marwood Coffee Shop yet. Which is a tragic omission – Marwood is definitely one of the best places around.

A slice of Marwood’s “life-changing” chocolate cake.

It’s hard to say what’s better, Marwood’s unique atmosphere or its great menu. The cafe kind of feels like you’re hanging out in your own living room (if your living room were perpetually packed with well-dressed English people). There are comfy leather couches and chairs alongside mismatched coffee tables that might have video games or vintage medals within. The windowsills are packed with all sorts of books, from the classics to Windows 95 for Dummies. And, much like in my family’s house, there are portraits all over of people I can’t identify.

Vegetarian devil’s toast at Marwood: one of the tastiest lunches ever.

That said, the food and coffee are of course a big part of why I keep coming back. The sign outside Marwood boasts of “life-changing cake,” and it does not disappoint. The cakes on offer rotate, but if you can catch a day when they have spiced chocolate cake, it will truly blow your mind, especially if paired with a mug of spiced white hot chocolate. If you’re looking for more substantive food, you’re still in luck – when I tried the vegetarian devil’s toast, it was one of the rare meals when I was actually really sad to be finished with my food. Goat cheese, vegetarian chorizo, tomato, and toast? Magical.

If you’re ever in Brighton, it’ll be impossible not to stumble on a great cafe, but I would definitely recommend seeking out Marwood.


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