Thoughts on Marmite

One of the few things I really knew about British cuisine prior to my arrival here is that Marmite is a source of controversy – people seem to either love it or absolutely hate it. So I knew I had to try it for myself at some point when I was here to see which camp I’d fall into.

Today, almost exactly one month after my arrival, I finally picked up a cheddar and Marmite panini for lunch at a café on campus.

Cheddar & Marmite Panini

As an American who hadn’t grown up with the stuff and developed some sort of attachment to it, I kind of suspected this culinary adventure would turn out to be a waste of a couple quid and a tragic misuse of cheddar cheese. But much to my surprise… I really, really liked it. Maybe that’s just because I was starving, having forgotten my wallet this morning and not eaten breakfast. Maybe I just like cheddar cheese so much that nothing can ruin it. Or maybe I’m just addicted to sodium. Who knows. It’ll probably take a few more Marmite test runs before I have a conclusive answer.

For now, though, I’m pretty sure that I fall into the pro-Marmite camp.

Have you tried Marmite? What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Marmite

  1. xjustanotherteenblogger

    Yay for being pro-marmite! I LOVE THE STUFF! When I was little my mum made me marmite, grated carrot and cheese sandwiches! It sounds weird but they were so good! My friends even stole them from my lunchbox at school >.< I haven't had marmite in agggggges though because the factory was destroyed in an earthquake here ;[ Boo.

      • xjustanotherteenblogger

        It really was, it’s taken a lot for my country to get over it but I think we’re finally getting there :’] Marmite is supposed to be coming out at the start of March so YAY. That’s the first thing I’m going to be buying when we go food shopping for the flat again! Haha :]

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