Blogging is still a thing, right?

So. As of about two weeks ago, I live in southern England.

I don’t have a driver’s license and I still can’t figure out how to use a can opener, but authority figures including but not limited to administrators at two reasonably well-regarded universities, the UK Border Agency, and my parents decided I was good to get on a plane and move to a different country for five months.

And shockingly, aside from a nasty first day involving a lesson that airsickness is indeed a thing… it’s gone smoothly so far. I’ve yet to be hit by a truck (lorry?) driving on the wrong opposite side of the road. I’ve yet to even get lost. And I’ve had enough bizarre/awesome/memorable experiences in two weeks that I figured I might as well start to blog about them. I’m calling this Intentionally Untitled because I have no idea what to expect of the next few months and because this title sort of leaves me free to focus on subjects other than travel when I get home in June and also because I already owned the domain name because of reasons.

The last time I really blogged regularly was when I was 16 and a few thousand people inexplicably wanted to read about my poorly developed political opinions. You could certainly say I’m out of practice, as demonstrated by this fragmented, semi-coherent intro post. So we’ll see where this goes.


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